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2020 Virtual Annual Educational Conference Resources
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2020 NAMSAP Virtual Annual Educational Conference RESOURCES



We are looking forward to welcoming you to the our 2020 Virtual Annual Educational Conference.  As you prepare to participate, please find below guidance about what to expect for the platform, and reference materials.

Accessing the Meeting and Technology Requirements

Live sessions will be presented through Zoom Webinar.  Please download in advance at You will access these sessions directly through the Virtual Meeting Auditorium. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of speakers through the chat and Q&A feature of Zoom.

Some sessions have been pre-recorded, and will be available to view at the time featured on the schedule.  During these sessions, you will be able to interact with panelists through chat as the recorded session plays.

To access the Virtual Meeting, please visit  Your login information has been emailed to you.

Meeting Resources


Detailed Agenda

Meet the Speakers

Attendee List

Virtual Meeting Platform User Guide

Continuing Education Information


Cancellation Policy

Section 111 Survey

2020 Educational Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Allocating_101_-_Covington.pdf PDF (532.77 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
Amended_&_Re-Review_-_Fumagalli,_Melancon,_Mis.pdf PDF (398.92 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
Case_Law_Update_-_Czuprynski,_Unwin.pdf PDF (684.67 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
CMS Fireside Chat PDF (382.44 KB) Administration 10/6/2020
CRC_BCRC Panel PDF (654.99 KB) Administration 10/5/2020
Demonstrated_Responsibility_-_Metcalf,_Smith.pdf PDF (470.97 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
Due_Process_in_MSP_-_Jordan,_MacAllister,_Popo.pdf PDF (396.67 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
Hot Topics_Davidson, Koba, Sagrillo, Stanley PDF (677.25 KB) Administration 10/5/2020
MAO_-_A_Collective_View_-_Bargender,_Krahn,_Sw.pdf PDF (779.87 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
PAID_Act_-_Bennett,_Pickard,_Sanderson.pdf PDF (643.6 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
Prescription_Drugs_in_Professional_Administrat.pdf PDF (422.81 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
Rated_Age_101_-_Puckett.pdf PDF (578.24 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
Reference_Guide_Lesser_Knoewn_Facts_-_Anders,_.pdf PDF (389.24 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
SMART_Act_-_Farber,_Popolizio,_Sanderson.pdf PDF (541.77 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
Spotlight_on_Asbestos_-_Cattie,_Shymanski.pdf PDF (1.24 MB) Administration 10/3/2020
The_Latest_on_Professional_Administration_-_To.pdf PDF (1.28 MB) Administration 10/3/2020
What_MSP_Professionals_Need_to_Know_-_Chapman,.pdf PDF (630.5 KB) Administration 10/3/2020
WCRC PPTX (5.78 MB) Administration 10/7/2020
Wishlist - Hostetler, Kane, Novak, Provenzano PDF (240.13 KB) Administration 10/7/2020
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