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NAMSAP is pleased to offer subscriptions for the ODG Guidelines at significant savings!


Succinct, straightforward, complete, and authoritative.

ODG is the most comprehensive and up-to-date medical treatment and return to work guideline worldwide, providing evidence-based decision support to improve as well as benchmark outcomes in workers' comp, non-occupational disability and general health insurance.  CMS uses ODG as an example of evidence based guidelines in the WCMSA Reference Guide.

ODG guidelines can be used for workers comp claims, life care-planning, and MSA preparations.

The outcomes speak for themselvesAdoption of ODG has led to:

  • Medical cost-savings of 25%-60% (by state, payer, TPA, and health plan)
  • Average disability duration down 34%-66%, median duration down 30%
  • Treatment delay (from date of injury to initial treatment) down 77%
  • Insurance premiums down 40%-49% as a result of improved health outcomes
  • Access to care up 42% (more treating providers accepting patients under ODG)

ODG, now in its 22nd year of publication, is succinct, straightforward, complete, and authoritative – based on an aggregate of over 10 million cases and decades of research, including an ongoing systematic medical literature review to make tangible and accessible the results of important and emerging medical evidence to minimize the impact of illness and injury on health, productivity and quality of life, reducing costs for employers, TPA, insurers, and health plans.

The ODG guidelines have realized considerable acceptance – more than 100,000 users worldwide, adoption by federal, state and local governments, widespread use by insurance plans, TPAs, and allied health organizations – because:

  • ODG is independent of any medical specialty group and multidisciplinary in scope.
  • ODG takes evidence-based guidelines to their logical end point; the conclusions are linked directly to the evidence in the studies and references.
  • ODG is continuously updated reflecting the findings of new studies as they are conducted and released; subscribers are always up to date.
  • ODG is designed for both clinical practice and utilization review (UR).
  • ODG seeks clarity in recommendations.
  • ODG allows the ability to copy/paste and export the guidelines into claim specific forms, saving time and effort in documenting approvals or denials of treatment or expected disability duration.

Interested in getting a subscription?

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