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A Comprehensive, Consistent Drug Pricing Resource



The latest pricing and product information to help you quickly answer drug-related questions with information for 200,000+ prescription and over-the-counter drugs, nutraceuticals, and bulk chemicals.

RED BOOK® is the essential resource healthcare professionals reach for every day to find the latest information for prescription and over-the-counter products. RED BOOK reduces the need to conduct redundant searches and simplifies identification, analysis, and comparison of drug and non-drug products.

NAMSAP is now an approved reseller for RED BOOK!
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It is your resource for drug utilization review, market analysis and research, prescription pricing and order entry, establishing and validating reimbursement, forecasting, drug-pricing research, generic substitution, therapeutic interchange, competitive analysis, purchasing, formulary development and management, as well as claims adjudication, processing, and validation.


  • Covers the full spectrum of current drug pricing and product information in a single, reliable source
  • Ensures confident decision-making with transparent and consistent drug pricing policies
  • Eliminates the need to conduct redundant searches within multiple resources
  • Simplifies identification, analysis, and comparison of drug and non-drug products


  • Includes information on prescription and over-the-counter drugs, nutraceuticals, bulk chemicals, and non-drug items
  • Regular updates ensure access to current price changes and new product information
  • Consistent, unbiased AWP drug pricing policy and methodology
  • AWP and WAC coverage for brand and generic drugs
  • Offers flexible delivery via flat files for system integration or via a user-friendly online

Current RED BOOK subscription holders: You are welcome to purchase RED BOOK through NAMSAP at the end of your current term, provided you give Truven written notice at least 30 days prior to your contract end date. Many RED BOOK Online subscriptions are auto renewing and you will need to provide thirty days’ written notice of your intent to cancel prior to the contract term end date to avoid the auto renewal. Once you have made your timely request to Truven you are free to order through NAMSAP.

Interested in getting a subscription?  Click here to access online order form.

Non-members: $975 ($800 + $175 one-year NAMSAP membership)

You must be a member of NAMSAP and logged in to receive our special pricing for a subscription of RED BOOK. Membership will be confirmed before RED BOOK will be provided. Please contact  NAMSAP with any membership questions.



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